BELLA LINEA 2 Slice Toaster with Extra Wide Slot Review

Good news for all the people who are using toasters for making their breakfast! The outdated and old toasters are no longer required. You can now get reviews regarding the best of toasters from our website. If you are also among the few who use the toaster for breakfast and you are tired of all your burned bread, you need to change your machine and get a better one in a low price.

The BELLA LINEA 2 Slice Toaster with Extra Wide Slot seems to be the perfect one in these regards. Look at some of its features, pros, and cons in the review below.

Customized toasting made easier

The most common issue in toasting is the fact that toasters often don’t toast the bread as per your requirements. Either the bread isn’t toasted or it’s burned so much that it can’t be eaten. Besides that, many users have the issue that toasters leave a lot of smoke as well which forcefully makes them shut down their toasters.

This BELLA 2 Slice Toaster is going to solve all the complaints as it features several different settings for customized toasting. These include special bagel, defrost, reheat and cancel settings as well. The toast is quite fast as it comes with a 900 Watt toasting system. Never be late for work again because of your breakfast.

Extra Wide Slot

Perhaps something new and many people might not know of this. An extra wide slot can be used to have a range of items toasted such as bread, bagels, waffles, and specialty bread as well. There are 6 different shade settings so that you don’t have the complaint of burning etc. again.

The Bella 2 Slice Toaster with Extra Wide Slot is made out of stainless steel which makes it quite durable and long lasting for the users. Clean it easily with the slide-out tray. For additional comfort, cord storage is also provided so that there is no mess at all. This toaster is going to be a great one for you.

Specs and Features

  • 3 Slots: 6″L x 2″W
  • Adjustable Setting
  • Heating system: 900 Watt
  • Shade settings: 6 Shade settings
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Slide-out Tray

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  • Cord storage provided
  • Toasts fast
  • Durable due to stainless steel
  • Extra-wide slot can be used for a lot of bread
  • Stylish design is quite popular these days


  • Gives a smell for first few times of usage.


If you are fed up of your previous toaster or you want a new one in your house, the BELLA LINEA 2 Slice Toaster with Extra Wide Slot would be a perfect choice. Get this toaster and have all your breakfasts in the perfect manner every day. You will not face any overcook issues.

There might be a few problems at the start but that seems to be normal as you are going to use a brand-new machine. You might not face any problems later once you are used to it. Get this toaster at an amazing price from now.