Dualit 46555 4-Slice Design Series Toaster Review

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Getting a good item, especially when it comes to electronics, isn’t that easy these days. This is because due to increased industrialization, there has been an increase in the number of producers selling one specific product. It can be beneficial in the way that consumers have a wide choice and can enjoy cheap prices due to competition. However, it is harmful in the way that there is an excess of choice which leads to chaos.

You don’t even know which product is the right one and which one isn’t worth it. When it comes to toasters, people have to face the same problem. In such a case, refer to our website and solve all your confusions with the detailed reviews. Let’s see whether the Dualit 46555 4-Slice Design Series Toaster is one of the best ones or not.

Long lasting heating element

The Dualit 4-Slice Design Series Toaster comes with commercial grade heating elements which means it can not only be used for home-purposes but can be used as a professional toaster at your workplace as well. The best thing about having this toaster is the fact that it comes with the peek and pop function.

This function lets the toaster running and simultaneously allows you to check on your bread as well. With the extra wide slots, you can have all the thicker breads toasted with ease as well. Also, there is a sandwich cage which can be used to toast a whole sandwich as well.


Several functions

Being a 4-slice toaster, it comes with various functions which are required by the users. With bagel facility, you can toast either the sides or just one of the sides of the bread as you like it. It is lightweight and can be carried anywhere easily without feeling any extra weight.

With a defrost function, you can have a bread have a normal temperature first and then start with the toasting. With an inspiring and beautiful design, the toaster looks clean and perfect with all its features.

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Specs and Features

  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 11 x 8.1 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Commercial usage
  • Extra wide slots
  • Special function: Peek and Pop function, Bagel, Defrost
  • Model: 4-Slice (Also available in 2-slice)


  • Comes with a sandwich cage
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with a defrost function
  • Lightweight
  • Longlisting and durable
  • Several positive customer responses


  • Expensive


The verdict for this toaster goes out in the positive but only for those who need an extremely powerful one and can pay a lot for a toaster. You might feel that it is too much for the price and we agree to that. However, with so many amazing features, we can say that price can be somehow justified as well.

Talking on the bases of features, the Dualit 46555 4-Slice Design Series Toaster is a good one as it gives you several amazing features which no other toaster have such as the peek and pop function. Get this amazing toaster on amazon.com right now.