Oster 2-slice Retractable Cord Toaster Review

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For those to whom the appearance really matter, the Oster 2-slice Retractable Cord Toaster might be a perfect choice. Along with the exceptional performance and durability, the Metallic blue color of the toaster and its shiny appearance makes it even more appealing and classy. It has been designed to suit the needs of a small to medium setup, such as a house with 2 to four members or office use.

With the same standards and quality expected from Oster, a toaster like this will surely satisfy your needs. Detailed discussion of specs and features is followed below.

Anti-jam feature

To prevent some dangerous incidents in the kitchen which may result from a setting malfunction and anti-jam feature is invested in the toaster. Suppose you have inserted the slice in toaster and then u leave to take a bath. The toast will be done in a while, and a few minutes after that, the toaster will turn off automatically. This is to prevent some serious toast burning, appliance overheating or toast sticking inside the slots.

The feature improves the life of the Oster 2-slice Retractable Cord Toaster and prevents the melting down of internal components. The retractable cord easily retracts inside the space, hence making it easy to store and place anywhere.

Toaster settings

The Oster 2-slice Toaster has a dial which can be rotated to select any 1 of the 7 different browning settings. This is especially useful, because some people like their toast only lightly browned and still soft, while others like it dark and crispy. This feature allows you to customize the breakfast according to the choice of everyone.

Other than that, there are regular toast functions, e.g. Toast, Bagel and cancel. The bagel setting allows you to toast any bread only from corners, leaving its center soft and chewy. High lift lever can project the bread high enough so that it can be removed easily.

Specs and features

  • Product Dimensions: 12.1 x 8.6 x 7.7 inches
  • Item weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Color: Metallic Blue
  • Capacity: 2 slice
  • Material type: Stainless steel
  • Cord length: 36”
  • Toasting capacity: 2 bread slices

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  • Sleek and stylish appearance
  • Retractable cord for easy storage
  • 7 varied toast shade settings
  • Wider slots to toast different kinds of breads
  • High lift lever to project the toast higher
  • Easy to clean crumb tray


  • Relatively expensive than other brands
  • Uneven toasting at sometimes


Oster has been producing kitchen appliances for decades. Since then the quality and performance is improving. The appliances are being invested with new and innovative technologies. The Oster 2-slice Retractable Cord Toaster is a high performing appliance, although sometimes it results in uneven browning. However, this might be a setting malfunction, and is reported by only a few users.

Other features make this an exceptionally good choice for regular home and office use. Unlike many other models, it is easy to clean, and needs a simple wipe with a damp cloth. It has received positive reviews. The majority users recommend it to others as well.