Oster TSSTTVDGXL-SHP Extra Large Digital Countertop Oven Review

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Now it is quite easy to bake your favorite cookies or to make a pizza at home within minutes, thanks to modern technology machines. No matter whether it is a weekend or a weekday, you can quickly prepare all kinds of meals by using the Oster TSSTTVDGXL-SHP Extra Large Digital Countertop Oven.

This Oster toaster oven is a real treat for those who want a professional touch in their everyday cooking and baking tasks. If you are also included in the list, then this phenomenal appliance is worth a try. It is a premium quality machine with several in-built features for making your lives easier and saving your time.

Available with a spacious interior

The inside of this appliance is spacious that allows adequate capacity for toasting, cooking and baking several items at a time. It is a versatile oven that can perform different kitchen-related tasks. Its interior can accommodate larger roasting, baking, and casserole pans. You can even make a big size pizza (up to 16 inches) in this equipment conveniently.

Moreover, 2 baking racks and 2 rack positions are included within the package for multi-level cooking. Also, users can toast 14 bread slices at once by using both of its racks. Isn’t it amazing? The main purpose of this toaster oven is to minimize user’s effort by performing smoothly and efficiently.

Provides maximum efficiency and power

Convection technology is incorporated in the Oster Extra Large Digital Countertop Oven, which provides more even and faster cooking experience for best outcomes. It has a temperature range of 200-450 degrees. This appliance is also equipped with defrosting and reheating settings. Exterior of this toaster oven is made with high-quality stainless steel. It has a sleek design, and it takes less space for storage due to compact size.

Digital controls are included in this equipment along with 90-minute timer, which means oven will automatically turn off as soon as its timer will beep. Users can get precise temperature and cooking time by using these digital controls. This machine can save up to 50% energy because of its optimum efficiency. Broil rack and bake pan are also available with this model. Product dimensions are 24 × 21.5 × 16.7 inches.

Specs and features

  • Category: Kitchen appliances
  • Product dimensions: 24 × 21.5 × 16.7 inches.
  • Temperature: adjustable, 200-450 ℉
  • Reheating and broiling feature
  • 90-minutes timer

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  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Spacious
  • Available with warranty


  • Short cord


The Oster TSSTTVDGXL-SHP Extra Large Digital Countertop Oven is well-known for providing more even toasting as well as faster baking experience. It does not generate excessive heat during its processing; hence your kitchen will not warm up. A variety of eatables can be toasted and baked in this equipment, such as bread, salmon fillets, lemon bars, muffins, lasagna, cheese, eggplant perm, pizza, and many other items.

The only drawback about this oven is its short power cord, only 18 inches. Manufacturers are also offering 1-year warranty on the purchase of this product. Overall, it is a fantastic toaster oven having the best features and affordable price.