Top 5 Cheap Convection Toaster Ovens Under $50 in 2020

Toaster ovens give you much more efficiency in the kitchen and give you the ability to not only toast, but cook up many of your favorite foods. Toaster ovens have become increasingly popular over the years as they do much of what your standard toaster and oven does in one, easy to use small appliance. The versatility goes well beyond toasting bread and bagels as it can be used to cook pizza and other types of foods while giving you the same great results of oven cooking and much better results than your microwave.

Convection toaster ovens come in all different sizes, and depending on what you intend on using it for there are a few things to consider before making your next purchase. Many people believe that size makes all the difference, but in the kitchen, this isn’t always the case. Some of the most functional toaster ovens are compact and have the same great features as large models which include LED displays, multiple heating functions, one-touch controls, included bake pans, and even incorporate other high-end features such as a rotisserie.

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of performance, price, efficiency, and much more, than the following review which addresses the Top 5 Cheap Convection Toaster Ovens Under $50 in 2020 will do just that.

1. Black & Decker TO1380SS 4-Slice Digital Toaster Oven, Includes Bake Pan – 9.9

Black & Decker serves up this amazing convection toaster oven which features digital controls and display which gives you the best of kitchen technology. This high-end, but extremely affordable toaster comes in just below $50, but gives you a slew of features you wouldn’t expect in this price range. Highlighted by digital controls which gives you one-touch options for cooking time and temperature all-visible onscreen.

This Black & Decker toaster oven gives you the purpose to toast, cook, broil, and reheat with plenty of room to hold 4-slices or a full 9-inch pizza. Great for children as parents get the peace of mind with automatic shut off with a built-in 60-minute timer and stay on function which keeps your food warm.

Four easy touch functions gives you much more control which include baking, toasting, warm, and toasting which gives you more efficiency than your conventional oven and toaster combined.

2. Westinghouse Select Series WTO1010B 4 Slice Countertop Toaster Oven – 9.8

This Westinghouse Select Series toaster oven is a high-output, but very efficient solution to cooking, baking, broiling, reheating and toasting. This countertop solution is a space saver and looks good on any counter while giving you the versatility of a much larger oven and toaster combined. In a day when time and money is becoming so much, why would you not go for a much more efficient way to cook.

The Westinghouse Select convection oven boasts 1000-watts of power which is more than enough to handle anything you put in. With a large 0.9 capacity which is enough to simultaneously toast 4 slices of bread or two 9-inch pizzas while giving you perfect results every time.

Onboard, you can set the temperature from 150 – 450 degrees and enjoy a piece of mind with a 30-minute automatic shutoff feature. When your foods done, a bell sounds to let you know and for those looking for real-time viewing, there’s a glass door which allows you to conveniently keep a watchful eye on your food.

3. Hamilton Beach 22708 Toastation 2-Slice Toaster and Mini Oven – 9.6

Hamilton Beach introduced an amazing 2-in-1 solution for kitchens as this toaster and toaster oven combo is much deserving of the 3rd spot in this review. Giving you the versatility and flexibility to toast, bake, broil, reheat, and cook, while saving you countertop space and money, this Toastation is the ultimate kitchen solution.

The Toastation dual functions as a 2-slice toaster and mini-oven as the toaster boasts a ½-inch slot and the oven can bake two 12-inch pizzas at the same time. Perfect for kids or larger families looking for the versatility of both small appliances with onboard features including temperature controls, electronic shade control, automatic shutoff, removable underside crumb tray, and an easy to use slide function lever.

4. Proctor Silex 4 slice Toaster Oven – 9.4

Proctor Silex has become a great appeal inside the kitchen for many years now, and its products like this 4-slice toaster oven that gives them one of the most trusted names. This large capacity toaster oven features an extra-large capacity which is more than enough room to cook most foods you would normally cook in the oven. With enough room to toast four slices of bread or two personal pizzas at the same time, you children will appreciate you for this buy.

Coming in at just over $20 proves that performance doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. Included in the box is the toaster oven, rack, and bake pan which is everything you need to toast, bake, broil, and reheat. It features a 15-minute timer with an automatic shut off and sounds a bell to alert you when your food is ready. Due to the popularity of this Proctor Silex toaster oven, it’s not always available for immediate shipping.

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5. Hamilton Beach 31134 4 Slice Capacity Toaster Oven – 9.3

Capping this review is the Hamilton Beach convection toaster oven which offers 4-slice capacity for standard toasting of bread, bagels, and other favorites. This budget friendly toaster oven will save you a great deal of time and energy in the kitchen and will help cut down your electric bill at the same time. The efficiency of countertop convection ovens goes well beyond their performance, as they offer a cheaper means to cooking while giving you the same great results.

The Hamilton Beach 31134 reheats foods nearly 40% faster than conventional cooking and has been proven to be up to 80% more efficient than conventional cooking. On-board features include an adjustable timer with a 30-minute preset with a bell to alert you when your foods done and an automatic shutoff to keep you safe. The interior is large enough to accommodate a full 9-inch pizza and soon replace that old toaster you have stored away in the pantry.

Hopefully, this review on the Top 5 Cheap Convection Toaster Ovens Under $50 in 2020 gave you the info you were looking for, but if not, feel free to leave us as comment below.