Black & Decker T2707SB 2-Slice Toaster, Bagel Toaster Review

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Getting a good product, especially when it comes to electronics, has become difficult due to a large number of producers entering the market with so many of their products. This leads to great confusion for the user who doesn’t know which item is the best one or which works appropriately.

This confusion is often seen in the case of toasters as well where people buy a specific toaster and then regret their purchase. If you are also looking for a toaster for your basic toasting needs, the Black & Decker T2707SB 2-Slice Toaster, Bagel Toaster is going to work for you.

Special Functions for better toasting

There are special functions with this toaster such as bagels, frozen items, and reheating which means you can have your bread toasted even if it is in different conditions such as frozen. These special settings are used to bring out the best results for the user. All these settings come with their indicator lights so that you know which function is active at the moment.  Furthermore, there are 6 different shade settings as well.

This means you can toast your bread until it reaches a specifically set shade. Get the best of toasting with this small little toaster. Being a lightweight toaster, it can easily be carried around with no feeling of heavy weight.

Style is a must

Some people prefer a toaster which doesn’t only toasts well but also comes with a great style and design. This adds up to the look of your kitchen. With chrome styling and black accents, it looks a great addition to your kitchen. For those who don’t like it in black, it is also available in silver color. The self-adjusting guides can be used to toast both the small and thicker bread.

There is a cord wrap area too which reduces the mess of having a long wire attached to your toaster. In every way possible, this toaster gives you comfortability and perfect toasting both.

Specs and Features

  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Capacity: 2 Slices
  • Shade settings: 6 shade settings
  • Colors available: Black and Silver
  • Special settings: Frozen, bagel, reheating etc.

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  • Lightweight toaster easy to carry
  • Decent one in its price
  • Works amazing for the smaller bread
  • Cord Wrap reduces the mess
  • Perfect toasting with different types of settings


  • Not suitable for tall bread


The verdict for the Black & Decker T2707SB 2-Slice Toaster, Bagel Toaster goes out in the positive for those who don’t use tall bread for eating. This is because this toaster is a small and compact one which can toast small bread evenly whereas the taller one may come out of the toaster.

For all other users, it can be the perfect choice as it comes with so many amazing features and barely any of the customers have given it a negative feedback. It is lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere as well which makes another plus point for it. Get this cute toaster from right now.