Bodum 10709-01US Bistro 2-Slice Toaster with Bun Warmer Review

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Kitchen appliances are always a miracle that saves you from a lot of unnecessary hassle. Especially making breakfast without any machine is a chore. If you are also looking for something magical in your kitchen, then the Bodum 10709-01US Bistro 2-Slice Toaster with Bun Warmer is the best choice.

This 2-slice toaster has everything you might be looking for. No matter, you want to toast breads, buns, muffins or waffles, this phenomenal appliance is at your service. It is equipped with high-quality material so you don’t have to worry about its durability. In short, it is a great option to consider for everyday use.

Stylish design with unmatchable convenience

Performance and durability of any appliance are always essential factors. Similarly, if you need early-morning muffins or freshly toasted slices of bread, you would require a sturdy toaster machine. Well, here it is! Bodum has manufactured a phenomenal appliance to end your worry. It is equipped with stainless steel body and has a footed base for the adjustment of its cord.

This feature will keep the cord steady and will prevent tangles. It also allows toasting of bun along with two slices of bread at a time. The crumb tray of this machine is detachable for easy cleaning, and it will also save you from any sort of mess on the counter. This kitchen appliance is compact, sleek, durable, small-sized, light weight, efficient and what not.

Seamless performance and outclass durability

The Bodum Bistro 2-Slice Toaster with Bun Warmer is packed with multifunction features that help you in making buns, bagels and toast of bread effortlessly. Besides, it also allows de-frosting of frozen food. The best thing about this appliance is its cancel button, which makes it easy for the user to pause the operation at any time. Moreover, the indicator given on the machine let you analyze the position of toast, when needed.

This toaster is not just attractive in look, but it is phenomenal in performance as well. You can also adjust a suitable temperature for each of your tasks as per your wish and get your hands on those hot and crispy toasts anytime you want.

Specs and features

  • Color: Black
  • Power: 900 – watts
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Defrosting option

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  • Easy to clean
  • Multi-function
  • Quality oriented
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive


  • The exterior may deteriorate


This outclass appliance offered by Bodum can fulfill breakfast needs of every user in a very seamless manner! It is a best-seller, and the main reason behind this is the ease of cleaning. A removable and washable tray is there to prevent any mess on the kitchen shelf. It works on 900 watts’ power. Although, it is well-designed, but the exterior of this device may deteriorate with the passage of time. From compatibility to efficiency, quality to performance and price to features, everything about this kitchen appliance is noticeable.

The Bodum 10709-01US Bistro 2-Slice Toaster with Bun Warmer features a sleek design which can add beauty to your kitchen counter, and efficiency can ease up your life. So, why not give it a try?