Cuisinart CPT-620 2-Slice Metal Toaster Review

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Having a toasted slice for breakfast is very common nowadays, therefore, people want their toasters to be efficient and very easy to use. They also want their toasters to provide you with great outcomes (evenly toasted slice) and have many different features.

For this, we have a toaster which provides you with all these qualities, named the Cuisinart CPT-620 2-Slice Metal Toaster. This toaster has a really high quality. Maximum 2 slices can be toasted at a time with this. You can toast bread, bagel, English muffin, frozen waffle, and pastry. It is confirmed that you will love eating the toast that this toaster provides you with.

Strong and durable

To prevent this toaster from getting damaged, the designer has given it a stainless-steel body. It makes the toaster strong and durable. This also makes your kitchen look great as it makes the toaster appealing to the eyes.

The lightweight and small size make the Cuisinart 2-Slice Metal Toaster easy to carry. It also takes up less space in your kitchen. It also features high-lift lever. Due to this feature, removing the toast has become very easy; your fingers will not burn as well. A variety of things can be toasted by this toaster and you will love the results.

Perfectly toasted slice

If you use this Cuisinart CPT-620 2-Slice Toaster, your slices will be perfectly toasted, that is, they will be evenly browned. You can change between the different toasting options as well as the defrost option. There are 7 shade settings from which you can choose the right shade you need for your slice.

You can toast 2 slices at a time. The unique heat delivery adjusts the heat to evenly toast both sides of the slice. The width of the panels of the toaster is very wide. This makes sure that the thick or thin food items fit and get heated properly. Toasting takes very less time.

Specs and features

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Power:900 watts
  • Color: silver
  • Weight: 4.6 pounds
  • dial/button lever
  • Bread, Bagel, English Muffin, Frozen Waffle and Pastry toast options
  • Defrost option
  • 7 shade settings

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  • Strong and durable
  • Takes less time to toast
  • Evenly toasts the slice
  • Toasts the slice side to side
  • 2 slices can be toasted at a time
  • Portable
  • Cost-effective


  • Heating wires may not light up together
  • You need to set to the right option


The Cuisinart CPT-620 2-Slice Metal Toaster is no ordinary toaster. It has many amazing features which work together to provide you with the best results. Your slice gets toasted evenly and takes very less time. The toaster is very strong and durable. You can set the browning levels yourself and also choose if you want the toasting option or the defrost option.

Around 80% of the customers love this toaster and have given it 4 to 5 stars. The company is selling this product at a very reasonable price. Hurry up and get your very own Cuisinart CPT-620 2-Slice Metal Toaster before it gets out of stock.