DeLonghi DO2058 Digital Convection Toaster Oven Review

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Having the right thing every time is a lucky thing but sometimes many lucky people end up having a bad luck as well when they fall into reviews of the product which often say that a certain product is a great one but it turns out to be a wrong choice. Instead of regretting, it is recommended to read reviews from a professional site.

We provide our customers with accurate reviews on toasters and toaster ovens so we suggest you read a review of the product you are planning to buy before actually buying it. Let’s look at the DeLonghi DO2058 Digital Convection Toaster Oven and see whether it is the right choice or not.

Digital Controls

Digital controls mean a modern touch has been added to the conventional form of toasting ovens. This digital convection toaster oven by DeLonghi gives you a digital control interface which can help you track the cooking progress and temperature with ease.

There is a fan inside which circulates hot air to heat faster and evenly, however, because of this fan, there is a lot of noise produced while working. It can be used for toasting 6 slices of bread or even two 12-inch pizzas. This means you can cook a meal for the entire family in one single go very easily.

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Non-stick interior

The interior is nonstick which means you won’t be requiring any sort of effort for cleaning up the interior. There is an interior light as well which makes it easy to see the cooking progress. It has several different settings such as bake, bake with convection, defrost, broil, toast, slow bake and keep warm settings which help in maximum versatility.

There are times when several features don’t work properly and the baking feature can’t even be used because this toaster oven does not offer that much of a higher temperature which is required for cake or pizzas. Also, the problem comes when the surface gets too hot that even if you touch it by mistake, you might burn your hand. This is a result of no insulation

Specs and Features

  • 2 tier capacity
  • 6 slices of bread or 2 12-inch pizzas
  • Nonstick interior
  • Digital controls

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  • Interior light for monitoring
  • Fan circulates hot air
  • Modernized approach with digital controls


  • Heats up very quickly. No insulation
  • Faulty units delivered often
  • Baking cakes require high temperatures which can’t be set on this one
  • Time increments can be done in 5 mins gap only. Not lesser
  • Parts often fall out during initial usage
  • Small writings mean you need glasses to read what’s written on the oven


The verdict for the DeLonghi DO2058 Digital Convection Toaster Oven goes out in the negative. Unfortunately, we must say this because this toaster is not worth your hard-earned money. Customers who bought it at amazon called it as their worst toaster purchase over the years and only 20% customers gave a slightly positive feedback.

Rest were always in regret and mentioned their experiences of faulty units or replacements. If you want a better toaster, you can search on our website and get a toaster according to your requirements. Still, if you wish to buy this one, it is available from