Waring WCT702 Two-Compartment Pop-Up Toaster Review

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Toasters have become one of the basic electronic appliances at home. People like to have toasted food items for breakfast. They want their slices to get toasted perfectly, according to their desire, in no time. For this, they should try out the Waring WCT702 Two-Compartment Pop-Up Toaster.

This toaster has many amazing features which work together in order to provide you with great outcomes. It is easy and simple to use and very light in weight. This toaster also grabs the attention of people and makes your kitchen look attractive. Let’s take a look at some of the great features this toaster has, mentioned in detail.

Simple controls

The Waring Two-Compartment Pop-Up Toaster is very easy to use as it has very simple controls. It has a rotary dial which allows you to select the browning level you want for your slice. It also has easy touch controls and LED indicators for defrost, reheat and cancel options.

As mentioned, you can choose from these options as well. There are 2 slots, each 1-3/8-inch extra wide, enabling you to toast 2 thick or thin food items at a time. You can also toast bagels in this toaster. The heating elements are of a good quality; they provide the same amount of heat and toast the food item evenly.

Lightweight; easy to carry

This toaster has been designed to provide the user with maximum comfort. The controls are very simple. It has a very lightweight, weighing around 3.9 pounds. This allows you to carry the toaster and move it wherever you want. This toaster has a chrome plated silver colored steel which makes it look elegant and appealing to the eyes.

It will surely grab your attention in the kitchen and make it look attractive. The body of the toaster makes it strong and durable as well. When you have to clean it, all you need to do is take out the removable crumb tray and throw away the crumbs.

Specs and Features

  • Made of chrome plated steel
  • Silver color
  • Weighs 3.9 pounds
  • Browning level control
  • Removable crumb tray
  • 2 slots 1-3/8-inch wide
  • Different food items can get toasted
  • Defrost, reheat, cancel options

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  • You can change the shade setting
  • Thin and thick slices can be toasted
  • You can choose between different options
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to carry or move
  • Evenly toasts both sides
  • Looks attractive


  • Sometimes only one side may get toasted
  • Heating elements may not toast evenly


Overall, the Waring WCT702 Two-Compartment Pop-Up Toaster is one of the best toasters that amazon.com has. It has many incredible features which make sure you get a perfectly, evenly toasted foo item. There are different browning shades and other options you can choose from. It is easy to use and clean and is also durable.

You will absolutely love this product because there are about 70% of the customers who have given it positive reviews. This toaster comes at a very reasonable price as well. Only one toaster is left in stock so hurry up and get yours as soon as possible.